Safety notice of air spring in application

From the working principle, the air spring is through the gas, to air as the medium. In the closed space, a certain pressure is formed to expand the flexible body and form a supporting force damping device. The flexible body is usually rafter glue or rubber like material. The expansion coefficient should be certain to ensure safe use. We should pay attention to several problems in use, in addition to the preparation before use, there are also matters needing attention in the process of use.

1) do not use air spring beyond the recommended safe extension height

2) In order to extend the life of the air spring, do not use the air spring below the minimum compression height

3) Do not use the air spring under the pressure of more than 0.7MPa.

4) Do not use the air spring in a twisted state.

Instructions for storage, transportation and use of air spring

1. Rough operation shall be prohibited during transportation, loading and unloading

2. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid direct sunlight.

3. There should be enough installation space at the installation site to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkali substances and sharp substances.

4. Avoid using sharp tools to touch the air spring: the matching parts should be smooth without edges and corners.