Common faults and cause analysis of air spring

Air leakage of air spring

(1) For the pressure self sealing air spring, it is the most prone to air leakage, almost 90% of the air spring leakage occurs here. Most of the air leakage occurs in multi season. It is mainly caused by the cold weather, the air spring capsule becomes hard, at the same time, the sewage and other impurities discharged by the vehicle may enter A. when the vehicle passes through the curve, there is a relative displacement between the rubber play and the upper cover (especially when the fitting is not in place at this part), so that it can not be reset temporarily and the air leakage occurs.

(2) If there are defects such as lack of rubber, inclusion, damage and so on, the air spring will leak.

(3) Air leakage also occurs when the air spring rubber mastiff breaks.

1 2 air spring capsule failure

121 capsule wear air spring capsule and cover and capsule and rubber

Formation of the contact part of the reactor

Relative sliding friction causes wear marks on the capsule.

Cracking and blistering of 122 capsules

Due to the long-term exposure of the capsule to the air and the effect of ozone and daily rain, the surface of the capsule appears fine cracks, that is, cracks. The surface of the capsule is raised locally. After pressing with hand, it feels soft, and the outer rubber of the capsule is separated from the outer layer. This phenomenon is called bubbling. The reason is that the vulcanization process is not good, and there is air in the outer rubber and cord layer of the capsule during vulcanization.

123 capsule cracks capsule cracks are mainly caused by bending fatigue and external factors

Element (in operation - impact or scratch of flying stone glass fragments and other objects, etc.). The shape of crack is different from that of crack

1.3 air spring upper cover failure

131 upper cover deformation

Because the upper rubber pad of the upper cover is not suitable (such as the diameter of the rubber pad is too small, or the air spring is too loaded, or the air spring is too small)_ The deformation of the upper cover will be caused by local concentrated load.

1. 3 2 the upper cover air inlet seat falls off, and the upper cover air inlet seat C 1 is generally connected with the upper cover by welding. There are several ways to connect the air spring upper cover air inlet seat and the upper cover with screws. Because the screws are loose or cut off, the air inlet seat and the upper cover are separated.

The screw of 1 33 upper cover is loose, tripped and broken

For the air spring (such as the air spring used in 209HS bogies) with butterfly screw fastening and sealing method, due to the different fastening force of the screws on the circumference of the upper cover during the assembly of the air spring, the uneven force on the screws will slowly loosen and release during the operation, and the screw fracture is caused by the problems in its material and processing.

1.4 air spring rubber stack (support seat) failure

Because the air spring has been used for a long time, the rubber pile is aging, and the rubber that may bow up the rubber pile is separated from the bonding surface of the metal plate.

1 5 air spring throttle valve failure

At present, the air spring is generally equipped with throttle valve. Before 1999, the throttle valve was tightened with screws to prevent the relative displacement between the valve seat and the valve sleeve. However, during the vibration process of the throttle valve, the screws are easy to loosen, which makes the valve sleeve spin out from the valve seat and become longer. As a result, the valve core collides with the air spring support seat, resulting in the damage of the throttle valve. At the same time, due to the impact of the valve core on the air spring support seat, the support seat will be deformed, and in serious cases, the support seat will be broken down.